Family Law

Family law by its very nature is a very unique area of the law. Many people needing help in this area have never been in courtroom or been involved in a court proceeding. This can be intimating but having a knowledgeable attorney that you trust and can guide you through the process is important. Often there are issues regarding custody, visitation, support and property division that can have long-term effects, even after the case is complete. In some situations, it may be necessary to request the court to change prior orders.


Going through divorce can be a very difficult and an emotional process. Many people experience anger, sadness, frustration, fear and uncertainty before, during and after a divorce. [read more]


Mediation is an opportunity for parties to have a meeting or multiple meetings to resolve all or some of their issues, with the potential to not have to have a trial, hearing or appearing in front of a Judge. [read more]

Parenting Coordination

The Parenting Coordination process assists parents in high-conflict custodial disputes using an alternative approach to resolving issues with the focus remaining on the children. [read more]

Child Custody

For many people, child custody is their primary concern during the divorce process or custody case. In Iowa, there are generally two types of custody: legal custody and physical custody. [read more]


If two people have a child together and are not married at the time of the child’s birth, it may be necessary to have the court determine paternity for the child. There are several ways paternity can be established. [read more]

Child Support

Child Support is a very important issue to address whether it is through a divorce action or custody case. In Iowa, there are specific guidelines that are used to determine the correct amount of child support. [read more]


Adoption is the process of a person requesting that a child or adult have the same legal rights that a biological child would have. Step-parent adoptions are a common type of adoption. [read more]

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