Parenting Coordination

The Parenting Coordination process assists parents in high-conflict custodial disputes using an alternative approach to resolving issues with the focus remaining on the children. A Parenting Coordinator (PC) can be assigned to a case by court order or the parties may voluntarily agree to the use of the Parenting Coordinator by contract. The Parenting Coordinator is a neutral, trained person who works with the parents to resolve their disputes regarding their parenting issues and, in some cases, assist in making decisions for the parents when they cannot agree. A Parenting Coordinator does not represent the children. The Parenting Coordinator provides assistance to the entire family with the goal of reducing the amount of conflict. The Parenting Coordinator does not get legal advice to the parties.

How is a Parenting Coordinator involved in a case?
A Parenting Coordinator may participate in a case by contract or by a judge appointing a trained Parenting Coordinator to a case.
Who pays for the Parenting Coordinator?
The Parenting Coordinator is paid as agreed through a contract or by the judge ordering how the costs will be assessed.
What kind of issues can a Parenting Coordinator help with?
Parenting Coordinators can assist families before, during or after a case is resolved. The Parenting Coordinator can serve the family by assisting in decision-making when the parties have conflict regarding issues such as visitation, child expenses and scheduling. The Parenting Coordinator can also assist by making recommendations to the parties or to the judge regarding other custody issues when the parties cannot agree, such as therapy, medical care, education, and communication.
Is the Parenting Coordinator the same as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL)?
A Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is appointed to represent the interests of a child. A Parenting Coordinator is appointed to assist the family unit as a whole.

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