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Personalized legal services in the area of family law are customized for each client based on the client’s legal situation, financial concerns and legal options available to each client. It is not always necessary in every case for clients to pay thousands of dollars upfront to get the help they need.  This means that some clients may only need help with certain parts of their cases or matters (limited scope representation or unbundled legal services) where other clients may help with their legal issue from the beginning of their case until the settlement of their case.

Personalized legal services (also known as “unbundled services or limited scope representation”) are legal services that are offered on a partial service basis, based on a client’s situation.  For example, clients may need help with just reviewing documents, some may need help with mediation, some may need help with creating a child support worksheet or a financial affidavit, or some may need help with a temporary hearing.  If clients only need assistance with certain parts of their cases, there are times this can be done on an hourly or flat-fee basis rather than a full-case retainer.  The best way to decide what types of legal services are recommended for your case is to request a consultation to discuss your issues. 

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